Solid State was born from a passion for craft beer and pinball. In addition to a full bar, we have 20 rotating draft lines dedicated to the finest locally produced craft beer and cider available, plus an ever-changing selection of cans you won’t find at your local grocery store. Our love for the game of pinball drives us to painstakingly maintain a fine selection of vintage and modern machines that we enjoy playing as much as you do. For those who prefer to sit while gaming, we also offer a wide selection of table-top games from Battleship to Cards Against Humanity for you and your friends to enjoy. We value community and human interaction and have worked hard to create a space where conversation, craftsmanship, friendship, and gaming are celebrated.

Monday - Thursday 4PM to 2AM

Friday 4PM to 4AM
Saturday 2PM to 4AM
Sunday 2PM to 2AM

53-22 Roosevelt Ave

Woodside, NY 11377


We take the Corona Virus pandemic very seriously, and we hope you do too. Thanks in large part to NYC's embrace of the vaccination, the threat of infection has fallen considerably and restrictions have largely been lifted. Nevertheless, we continue to have some safety measures in place for your comfort and our own. In addition to a having a fully vaccinated staff who still respectfully make use of a mask, we have engineered an airflow system consisting of numerous fans carefully placed throughout the bar to cycle air out of the building through a ventilation fan in the back. We have also outfitted our HVAC system with medical grade MERV-13 filters to help trap nasty microorganisms. The fans and filters are meant to emulate the safety that is inherent in being outdoors. Additionally, partitions have been installed to provide further safety between tables.


Q: When do you expect to completely lift all COVID-19 safety precautions?

A: To be honest, we are completely playing it by ear right now. While the city and state have lifted their restrictions, our staff, and many of our customers, like the precautionary measures we have in place. We'll continue to feel things out and slowly transition to our pre-COVID self over time.

Q: Are you once again able to accommodate big groups?
A: Yes, large groups are once again welcome! While we can naturally fit large groups of 6 to 10 people, our tables fill up fast, so it might be a good idea to call ahead to reserve a table. Parties of more than 10 people MUST make a reservation as this will require us to shuffle the space a bit.

Q: Do you serve food?

A: We now proudly serve Schaller & Weber franks and brats. Since 1937 Schaller & Weber have been serving New Yorkers authentic German meat and sausages. These fine sausages are a perfect compliment to the craft beer on our menu.

Q: Is outside food still allowed?

A: Yes. Our customers have grown to love bringing food in from outside establishments, so, despite now offering our own food, we happily continue to allow outside food.

Q: Have these questions actually been frequently asked?

A: No, they haven't.